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Cedar Lake Chiropractor ::  Second Visit

Report of Findings

Report of findings

On your report visit we explain what we found and how we may be able to help you.

We will start your second visit with the second set of educational pamphlets for you to read. These pamphlets help you better understand health and chiropractic care.

The doctor will do through a report of findings including an explanation of any x-rays that were taken. Your report of findings will educate you on the specifics of your condition.

If you did not start care on your first visit, the doctor will walk you through the care that is appropriate for your condition. The doctor will explain the procedures before they are performed. We like you to fully understand what to expect before it is done.

Your Educational Process

Your second visit also starts your educational process. Our staff will educate you on how your body works and how chiropractic care changes your body’s function. We also educate you on the different phases of care you can go through with chiropractic care. We will educate you on the goals of each type of care. What phases you go through is based on the goals you have set for yourself.

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